Welcome to Showtime, a movie and TV poster TCG! All of our decks are puzzles. Showtime opened on May 2, 2023. Please feel free to join!

- Christina

Random Cards
Sorry for the delay!

Sorry for not updating recently. My computer is actually really old and when I try to make decks I get I'm running out of memory but I'm trying to work on it! Luckily Shawna came through and saved the day and made some decks for you all!

Donations Open!

- 10 new decks
- You can now donate. You can claim in your member area.
- Currency is now a random amount given during games if you win currency.


Sorry I did not update last week. I have been working 10+ hour days and when I get home I'm so tired and then on the weekends, I try to spend time with my family! But I was able to get some decks done. If anyone wants to help with deck making, shoot me a message over at Discord or message me here.

- 10 new decks!

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to those who celebrate. I made lunch and chilled out by the pool with my husband and kids and it was so nice... almost forgot to update. Lol.

Not much else to say


Nothing too much to say but enjoy the card update! :)

I may be looking for some deck makers. If you are interested, message me on Discord. Thanks!

Suggest New Decks!

Please suggest new decks you'd like to see either in the chat box on the home screen of the TCG or in our Discord server so I can make sure to make decks you guys want to see. :)

- 10 new decks for today

Long Weekend!

Happy Saturday. Updating a day earlier just to make sure I don't forget tomorrow!

- You can now see what cards are needed by the border in the shop
- When trading, you can see in the dropdown if the card is needed/keep/wishlist/etc when submitting a trade offer

I want to add some more things around here but slowly! Thanks everyone. Have a good weekend.

Happy Sunday!

Happy Sunday everyone! Back with another update and on time this week. I changed the lucky category games to show the master image instead of card images also.

If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave them in the chat box or in our Discord server! Thanks everyone.

Mid-Week Update!

I was on vacation over the weekend so I didn't have a chance to update but I did want to do a mid-week update so you guys can have some new decks in the rotation.

Please feel free to suggest decks on our Discord or in the chat on the home page.

Thanks everyone!

First Update!

Happy Sunday everyone :) Hope you are all having a great weekend! Tomorrow is my birthday so I did a little celebrating this weekend. Next weekend we will be traveling so I'm going to try and update from my phone but if I can't, no update next weekend!

I'm going to be releasing 10 decks a week for the most part unless I choose to do a double release some update days. Be sure to join our Discord so you can recommend decks so I'm releasing decks you'd like to see. I want to add more games, but I'm still learning this script so it's a little tough for me. If anyone wants to help, shoot me a DM on Discord.

Enjoy your Sunday!


I love creating puzzle decks and wanted to tie in my love of movies & TV plus puzzles into one. Updates will be Sunday's! Feel free to join our Discord server and post suggestions for future decks. Thanks everyone!